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The most important thing about Bayside Limousines isn’t our

  • impressive fleet of vehicles
  • nice offices
  • state-of-the-art booking system technology
  • vast range of services offered
  • etc

Great as all those things are, they can be replicated quickly by any other company that has sufficient funds.

Instead, what we’d like to share with you here is our unrivalled experience and interest.

Why are they such an important part of Bayside Limousine’s operations?

Well, as touched on above, they’re things you just can’t purchase when running a luxury limousine hire company in Sydney.

Our experience

We have been providing exemplary luxury limousine services to discerning clients for over 2 decades. As you might imagine, we have learned a huge amount over that time and that real knowledge acquisition can’t be obtained by just reading a book.

For example, we know the importance of integrated service provision. In other words, if you want a limousine for corporate entertaining then we can offer a total solution including things such as the provision of tickets for events and so on.

You won’t need to worry about needing to ‘join up the dots’ or hiring separate administrators to make it all happen for you. Just leave it to us through what we call our ‘personal concierge service’.

Then there are all the benefits that come with 20+ years of, for example, providing limo hire services to emotional family events such as weddings and funerals.

Nobody knows better than we do what’s required to make those events go smoothly. We’ll gladly share our knowledge with you because we’re NOT just a provider of luxury cars but your partner for the day.


Experience, cars and technology can only be best-used if a company has interest in what they’re doing on a day-to-day basis.

We at Bayside Limousines care – and that means we’re personally engaged and interested in every single client we take on.

This is all about company culture and we have exacting standards that ensure that all of our employees, including our chauffeurs, are the top seasoned professionals of their respective disciplines.

This is for us a non-negotiable and we won’t compromise on the quality of our team. As result, every single person in Bayside Limousines is interested in and committed to your satisfaction. If they weren’t capable of that level of commitment, they wouldn’t be working for us.

That’s why we know we’ll provide you with exceptional service and we’ll underpin our confidence in that with a written guarantee.

The mechanics

Of course, we can’t entirely ignore the vehicles we have an offer because our fleet is second to none. We also know that the vehicle itself plays a big part in a client’s eventual satisfaction.

All our vehicles are at the top of their classes and a byword for luxury. If you’d like to know more, you can see a sample of our fleet here.

You can be sure that every vehicle in our fleet will be fully serviced and will also have been thoroughly valeted before it’s sent to pick you up.

Here are just a few of the ways you can enjoy using our services with our hassle-free, premium services

You will surely enjoy comfortable, relaxing ride with us. Perhaps watch a movie or listen to some great music as you and your guests are transported to your destination in comfort and style.

Traditional company information

We know from experience that many potential clients want to know about our values, culture, service commitment and vehicles rather than those basic facts so often included in ‘about us’ sections.

Of course, if you would like to know how many people we employ, the exact year of our foundation and formal registration details then please don’t hesitate to ask.

We’re here to serve and look forward to doing so for you.

We’d welcome your contact at any time – and entirely without commitment on your part.

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